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Recently, we had Samir join us for a week of work experience.

Samir’s father owns an electronics repair shop in the centre of Otley, so we had already met Samir before he joined us for a week in July.

During the week, Samir was able to experience several elements of our roles here at Christopher Little, including scanning projects, conducting case trend research proformas, and gaining an understanding of the systems we use.

At the end of the week, following all that Samir had learned, we asked him to build his own cashflow plan as though he was 30 years old.

Samir then presented his plan to us, explaining what would happen if he were to take certain paths and even told us about his future wife, Mrs Xyz!

Here’s what Samir had to say about his week with us:

“My work experience at Christopher Little & Co helped me gain an insight into what life was like in the workplace. The analytical and communication skills I gained during my week of work experience were extremely valuable to me. I also cherished my time spent working with some amazing people.

Everyone here at Christopher Little enjoyed having Samir with us for the week. We hope he had a lot of fun and has gained new skills from working with the team.

We’re looking forward to working with our local schools and their careers teams to provide work experience in the future.