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Being a relatively new first time Dad, I’ve learnt how important baby support groups are to a family’s wellbeing. Many groups are ‘not for profit’ and try to offer access at minimal cost. They rely on grants and funding streams that are increasingly more difficult to come by. That is why, when an opportunity like the Aviva Community Fund comes along they need our support.

When our client’s, Sarah and Terry, asked if we would support their local NCT Bumps and Babies Group by submitting an Aviva Community Fund application on their behalf, we were only too happy to help.

Horsham Bumps & Babies want to make the group free to attend, increase space and access to parents. After all, making new friends, having a support group with easy access to expert advice for new parents is like gold dust.

If Horsham Bumps & Babies are successful, some of the Aviva Community grant will be used to provide a IBLC qualified breastfeeding counsellor. My wife and I didn’t discover our daughter had tongue tie until she was 6 months. She struggled to feed and wasn’t all that interested in fulfilling the ‘guideline’ ounces of milk each day. Feeding was a frustrating process for her and us. We were naturally anxious that our little girl wasn’t getting enough nutrients each day.

It was a relief to eventually find out we weren’t doing anything wrong, there was a simple fix, and our daughter wouldn’t have to get frustrated anymore. She still isn’t a big fan of milk, and we’ve learnt to accept that because we know why. Ultimately, she is still a happy and healthy baby, which is the most important thing.

A qualified breastfeeding counsellor may or may not have spotted the problem earlier. I am certain they would have provided us with greater reassurance, and easy access to someone we could to discuss our concerns with on a regular basis.

Groups like Horsham Bumps & Babies really do make a difference to new parents. So please take the time to click on the link below, register, and give them your votes before the 21st November 2017!

 Article written by Tom Hatley (Financial Adviser – Christopher Little & Co)