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Christopher Little & Co is an established firm of Financial Advisers based in the market town of Otley, West Yorkshire. The company was founded in 1989 by Christopher Little and provides advice to clients based around the Wharfedale, Harrogate and Ilkley.


More recently the company has expanded and adapted to the demands of its clients and the wider community seeking financial advice as Tom Hatley explains “Traditionally Financial Advice has been thought of as a service only required by the wealthiest in society. Growing up my parents did not see a financial adviser and to be honest I had no idea what one was. However, fast forward 20 years and many of us are aware of financial planning, how it can benefit us, and we have at least one source of information, the internet.”


Martin Lewis is a good example of how financial planning has changed. Through his website, television and radio shows he has encouraged the wider public to manage their daily spending and shop around for the best deals. Whether it be saving money on our car insurance or imploring us to be fickle when switching between bank accounts to secure the highest interest rate, essentially the message is always the same, plan your purchases and save money. Generally we enjoy saving money if it’s not too challenging or time consuming, who wouldn’t?


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an impartial money saving expert for more complicated, long term, financial products like a pension or mrotgage. The pension is probably the most complex of all financial products we come across. How do we know we are picking the right one to start with, how much should we pay in, do we ever change the pension and what is the best way to get an income from the plan at retirement age?


We can go on the internet and ask the question but do we still get a reliable source of information?


Tom goes onto suggest “the internet is a fantastic tool and can help but you have to be careful about where you source your information, or in many cases mis-information. We recognise the first stop for many of us is the internet and that’s why we have built an online presence and offer a telephone based advice service. You can be browsing the internet and may have a question, want clarification on a certain point, or want to discuss your specific circumstances. That is all made possible by picking up the phone and speaking with a qualified financial adviser. We also believe in sitting down face to face where possible and having a chat over a coffee, it’s amazing what can be achieved in the space of an hour”


 At Christopher Little & Co. we have three highly trained and qualified advisers. We asked each adviser to explain a little about their area of expertise and how they can help you.

Tom, Megan & MarkThomas Hatley


“I joined the company in 2010 and specialise in financial planning for individuals, families and companies. If you need advice on Pensions, Investments, or Estate Planning then I can help.”


“What I enjoy most about my job role is delivering good news which I’m pleased to say I get to do on a regular basis. It can be something as straight forward as providing a client with a State pension forecast and informing them they have actually built up an extra £2,000 p.a. income through the second state pension. My client then has something extra to look forward to because that money can mean a fantastic holiday each year or bringing the family together for a trip away. The more opportunities I have to help people the more I enjoy my job”.


Megan Hayes


“I’m qualified as a Mortgage, General Insurance and Protection Insurance specialist. Whether you’re a first time buyer or landlord, require individual, family or commercial cover, my aim is to provide you with the best deal possible.”


“The recent rule changes to mortgage lending have presented challenges, fortunately I have access to a wide range mortgage deals across the market and I can always find a Bank or Building Society willing to lend the money required if the numbers stack up. For me the satisfaction comes with helping to secure a client’s home and that makes all the hard work worthwhile.”



Mark Priestley


“As a Chartered Financial Planner I have moved into Retirement Options Advice which is often an area of advice which I can use my further qualifications and expertise to my client’s advantage. I’m fortunate to have 25 years’ experience as an adviser under my belt including positions held with The Medical Sickness Society advising Doctors and Dentists, at HSBC predominately helping Teachers arrange their finances, and also at Jardine Lloyd Thomson (JLT).”


“Having recently joined Christopher Little & Co. I have been welcomed into a team that is striving to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. Everything we do is client focused and being afforded the freedom to go the extra mile and deliver a personal service gives a great satisfaction. These are simple expectations that sometimes get lost in larger companies where shareholder profit act as the main driver. So I guess what I’m trying to say is a fresh approach to providing advice makes my job role all the more enjoyable.”


If you have any questions about financial planning please do not hesitate to contact Tom, Megan or Mark on 01943 851080.

For Mortgage recommendations we charge a fee of £250 and keep the commission paid by the product provider up to a limit of £500 (any excess commission is refunded to you). We will provide you with the ‘Mortgage Guide to Our Services document’ which explains the full range of services we offer and how we are paid.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.